The connection between quantum physics, biblical truth and the spiritual life available to us in Christ


The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork – Psalm 19:4
Science v Faith

As the conflict between science and religion intensifies, a new book by the former Time magazine correspondent, Ann Shakespeare, maintains that both share a common ground in quantum physics.

A scriptural guide to living purposefully “in Christ”.

In general, Christians from across the denominations have not fully considered the significance of quantum physics in relation to the omnipresent Christ. Instead, they have tended to maintain a dualistic and mechanistic world view. This book seeks to rectify that growing chasm and bridge the divide, once and for all, between science and Christianity.

The overarching purpose of the book God’s Gift of Tremendous Power is to share a dynamic vision of what it means to live “in Christ Jesus” and to be empowered by Him. It is a practical and inspirational book, explaining how we can align with biblical truth to become channels of God’s love and resurrection power.

Readers will gain a richer understanding of the Christ and our position of authority in Him. Its pages inspire us to live purposefully in the flow of our true identity, and to discover how to pray more powerfully in union with the One who makes all things new.

In God’s Gift of Tremendous Power, published through Deep River Books, the author presents a compelling case that the latest discoveries of quantum physics reinforce the timeless truth of Scripture and Intelligent Design. She uses the term “quantum field” as shorthand to describe the fundamental fabric of the universe comprising immense swirls, or fields, of vibrating energy which are all interconnected, and which constitute one vast, infinite universal field of energy. The author maintains that this is scientific evidence of the omnipresence – or indeed the infinity – of God. It is the tangible, proven medium which He created at the moment of the Big Bang, and through which He created Earth and through which He manifests all His works.

God’s Gift of Tremendous Power provides Christians from all denominations with the tools they need to reconcile their faith with scientific discoveries

The book explains why the “quantum field” – the underlying fabric of the universe comprising immense fields of energy which are all interconnected, and which constitute one vast, infinite universal field of energy – is scientific evidence of God’s omnipresence; how God created and used the quantum field as a medium to bring forth the universe and, today, as a tangible means to manifest His works; the connection between the physical environment and spiritual truth, and how an understanding of quantum physics can bring a deeper connection with God and a new appreciation of His power; what it really means to “live” in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, and how we can become better channels of His love; why many Christians have overlooked the importance of science generally, and quantum physics specifically, and have tended to maintain a dualistic world view which is characterised by separation and multiplicity instead of Omnipresence and Oneness.

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“Ann Shakespeare generously shares with the reader the fruit of her own life and prayer experience. With a two-eyed vision she brings into a vivid focus the scientific knowledge of the “quantum field” (the subatomic dynamics of creation) with a dynamic faith in Christ as Creator, Redeemer and Ascended Lord who “fills all things everywhere”. This a vision that can transform both the perception and experience of life in Christ.
Ann’s writing is concise, logical and practical. It is built upon a firm scriptural foundation allied to personal and pastoral experience. It will certainly fulfil its main purpose: to enable individuals to have a transforming encounter with Christ and partake in a new ministry of prayer through the power of the Love of God in Christ.” – (The Reverend Canon Andrew Hawes, Canon of Lincoln Cathedral with a particular ministry in spiritual direction and retreat work.)

“I was utterly enthralled reading this wonderful book, which explains Jesus Christ’s “tremendous power” working in and through the whole of creation. The book is richly imbued with Gods Word and is deeply spiritual and prayerful. Ann Shakespeare highlights the central themes of God’s love, the Spirit of the risen Jesus Christ, and the need to eschew worldly power and embrace our own weakness. She explains how together they form a prism through which God’s all-embracing love can be channelled through us into the world. I also felt that the emphasis she places upon the transformative power of contemplation, prayer, and praying for healing through God’s Word, is deeply compelling. Through contemplation and prayer we respond to God’s call to “put on the mind of Christ”, and so pour out His love into the world. This inspirational book gives profound insight into Revelation 21:5, “See, I am making all things new.” – (The Reverend Dr Lynda Pugh, Priest and Spiritual Director in the Diocese of Chester.)